Welcome to Lori Mann Photography.
Philadelphia’s premier women’s portrait and
boudoir photography studio.

Our business is all about you. And you are so many things.

You’re a bride, a mother, a lover. You’re an artist, a lawyer, a teacher, a freaking domestic goddess.

A juggler of all the above.

You’re celebrating a milestone anniversary, a milestone fitness goal, your relaunch into the world of dating.

You need a confidence boost. An injection of empowerment. A reminder of just how gorgeous you are!

You need half a day all to yourself. To sit down in the makeup artist’s chair and be still and pampered
and listened to without anyone tugging at your sleeve.

Well, we hear you – and we are all about that.

So take a look around. See who we are and what we do.

No matter your age or your shape, come on in sister!

Because YOU are a work of art.